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Online Teacher Training

Ekam is the first provider of e-learning courses for teachers. Make teacher training flexible, affordable and fun with Faculty Development On-the-Go.

Our programmes cater to new and experienced teachers, as well as those seeking CLIL certification.

Advisory & Consulting

Through our expert guidance, identify opportunities and consistently improve your school's governance, teaching and learning, and personal, emotional, social development.

Curriculum development | teacher training | leadership training | special needs support | school culture and ambience | tech-enabled learning | kindergarten set up | CBSE, IGCSE, IB and more

Community Conversations

We're here to ask questions and start conversations centred around children, how they learn, and the ways in which we engage. We don't mind asking tough questions, because how we answer them will shape the future of education.

Watch this space for our next Bring a Thought event, or check out previous events below.

Faculty Development On-the-Go 

e-Learning for teachers

Starter kit + monthly units


60-90 minutes

Discussion boards

Quizzes and projects


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